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Advance Praise for Tomlinson Hill: Sons of Slaves, Sons of Slaveholders

Tomlinson Hill: Sons of Slaves, Sons of Slaveholders is a remarkable and essential book of personal and national history, a profound reckoning with the infinite tangles of race and identity along the roots and branches of the American family tree. It is a quietly epic story – spanning centuries – masterfully reconstructed, and memorably told. After nearly two decades as a distinguished international war correspondent, Chris Tomlinson returned home to Texas to investigate his own – and our nation’s – inheritance of economic and social, political and criminal violence and injustice. This vivid exploration of the truths and the lies that run through the memory of his white ancestors and the generations of their black slaves, is not just a fascinating social historical account of what we as Americans have come through – but also an urgent contribution to our understanding of who we are now.”

–Philip Gourevitch, author of We Wish to Inform You Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families

“Chris Tomlinson, the great-great grandson of a slaveowner, tracks the remarkable story of two families from East Texas who share the Tomlinson name – one white, one black – and how they reflect our story as a nation. All of Tomlinson’s award-winning skills as a reporter, much of them honed in South Africa as the sun set on Apartheid, come to bear in this personal, unvarnished look at race in America.”

–Mark K. Updegrove, presidential historian and author of Baptism By Fire: Eight Presidents Who Took Office During Times of Crisis

“This book is a rewarding reminder of how a seemingly unremarkable place can be a laboratory for understanding the conflicts at the heart of our national identity. Chris Tomlinson has drilled deep into Tomlinson Hill, and released a gusher of history.”

–Stephen Harrigan, author of The Gates of the Alamo

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