Now a New York Times Bestseller!

Tomlinson Hill is now officially a New York Times Bestseller after coming in at #23 in its first week on sale.

Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered the book and made sure we got off to a running start. I have no idea whether we will stay on the list, but even if its only for one week, I am deeply grateful, humbled and thrilled at the wonderful response it has received so far.

We’ve also been lucky to have so many people review the book, and we really haven’t gotten a bad review yet. You can find excerpts and links on the Book Reviews Page.

Community support for the book has also been tremendous. We had standing-room-only crowds at readings in Austin, Houston and Dallas. I’ve also had a chance to do dozens of radio interviews across the country. This is all part of the hard work of making sure a book gets read.

I know I’ve already asked for some of your hard-earned cash, now I want to ask for a bit of your time. One key to getting a book to a wider audience is making sure it gets online reviews at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Let your friends know about the conversation I am trying to start about the history of race relations in the United States, and how facing up to the truth is the only path to reconciliation for the sins of the past.

None of this would be happening without you – my friends, family and supporters – buying books and extending the conversation. This book is convincing people to reconsider what they learned about their family history, which was always my dream, and the more people it touches the further the message of hope will spread.

Thank you!

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